The IDF's next Artillery Gun

My report for Jane's Defense Weekly  on the IDF's next Artillery Gun, which will be produced by Elbit:

The Israel Ministry of Defense (MoD) announced on 4 April that it had selected Elbit Systems to develop and produce a new artillery gun for the Israel Defense Forces (IDF).


Jane's understands that the gun selected for the IDF Artillery Corps is based on Elbit's 155 mm ATMOS self-propelled howitzer, although it will not be identical to it...

Further details here

How are Israel and Russia pursuing interests in Syria without clashing?

Check out my story for on the high-stakes and tense relationship between Jerusalem and Moscow regarding their respective interests in Syria.


Just a single day had passed since Gary Koren, Israel’s new ambassador to Russia, presented his credentials to President Vladimir Putin before the Israeli diplomat was called in by the Russian government for a “clarification” meeting.


Has Iran built missile factories for Hezbollah in Lebanon?

A recent report saying that Iran constructed underground missile factories in Lebanon for Hizballah would, if accurate, indicate a disturbing boost in the Shi'ite terror organization's ability to self-produce weapons.

Already, the Israeli defense establishment sees Hizballah as a powerful and radical army rather than a 'mere' terror organization due to its deep and sophisticated weaponry (which surpasses that of most states), and its hierarchical command structure.

Read my full story here: In-House Hezbollah Missile Factories Could Add To Massive Arms Build-Up

The Middle East is in the grip of a storm, and the old order of the 20th century is being washed away.

New coalitions of state and non-state actors are forming. Several states have collapsed, and hundreds of new armed organizations have appeared. The Israeli defense establishment is working hard to adapt.

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Two IAF F-35s. Credit: IAF