New figures shed light on massive Middle Eastern arms race

Saudi Arabia is buying military hardware at a dizzying pace, as it seeks to build up its force against arch-rival Iran. Iran’s domestic weapons industries are mass producing arms as well.

A new report by IHS Markit on global defense exports sheds light on the ongoing, massive Middle Eastern arms race underway between Sunni powers and Iran.

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The Israel Air Force is learning about innovation from Google and IBM

This fascinating department is made up of former employees of companies like Google and IBM, who were working on cutting edge technology.

Now, they’re setting up a culture of innovation in the IAF...

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Why the Six Day War model might be making a comeback

One of the biggest sources of dissatisfaction among the Israeli public during Israel’s last major armed conflict, the 2014 clash with Hamas, was the length of hostilities.

Many seek a return to the days of rapid victory, if conflict is forced on Israel, and hold up the Six Day war as the example.

Yet such criticisms often overlook the fact that soon after the end of the Six Day War, a new armed conflict began between Israel and some of its enemies – Egypt and the PLO. This  was the War of Attrition...

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The Middle East is in the grip of a storm, and the old order of the 20th century is being washed away.

New coalitions of state and non-state actors are forming. Several states have collapsed, and hundreds of new armed organizations have appeared. The Israeli defense establishment is working hard to adapt.

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Two IAF F-35s. Credit: IAF