About Me

Welcome to my site!

Here’s a little info about me.

I’m a military and strategic affairs analyst.

My areas of coverage are usually focused on Israel’s defense establishment, and the country’s strategic environment.

I’m an Associate Researcher at the Begin-Sadat Center for Strategic Studies, and the Israel correspondent for Jane’s Defense Weekly and the Jewish News Service (JNS.org).

I’m a regular guest on international TV and radio outlets to provide commentary on defense issues.

One of my passions is to give talks, and share what I have learned with an audience.

Until 2016, I was the Jerusalem Post’s defense correspondent.

My educational background:

  • MA in The History of International Relations from the
    London School of Economics and Political Science
  • BA in Politics and Modern History from the University of Manchester

In 2011, I published my first book, Virtual Caliphate.

Contact Email: Yaakov@gmail.com