Crash course on the arms race between Israel’s air defenders and the radical foes developing rockets and missiles

Brig.-Gen. Shahar Shohat was until fairly recently the commander of the Israel Air Force’s air defenses. Under his watch, new, groundbreaking air defense systems came online. Israel continues to build up a multi-layered ‘shield’ of air defenses to cope with the variety of threats.

Few people are as familiar with the endless arms race underway between Israel’s air defenders  and the contry’s radical foes.

The air defenders = those who operate, develop, and mass produce the air defense systems designed to decrease the threat to millions of Israelis under projectile threat. As they do this, Iran, Hezbollah, Hamas, and other radical actors develop new surface-to-surface rockets and missile designed to overcome the defenses.

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Here’s part 1 of Shohat’s crash course on the evolution of the projectile threat, which I edited.

Coming soon: Part 2, which will look at Israel’s responses.


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