The Capability Compass management system

The Capability Compass is a unique management system that creates flexible, accurate responses to a variety of conditions, and promotes the development of our capabilities in the face of lengthy and urgent tasklists.

A unique toolkit designed for executives, managers, entrepreneurs, employees and many others in a range of fields, the Capability Compass is inspired by patterns of development that I observed while providing media coverage of senior Israeli military command.

The system offers a new way of identifying situations and taking steps accordingly. It also lays out how to build a working culture that views every mistake and setback as golden learning and improvement opportunities. During the lecture or workshops, the audience receives the following, easy-to-adopt tools:

· How to rapidly transition between two types of action modes.

· How to establish a working culture and methodology that turns every mistake into a valuable opportunity for learning and improvement. These powerful tools are designed to boost development in our routines, and generate new modes of action.

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