The Israel Air Force’s build-up program: Waves of massive, heavy fire

My latest article for Jane’s Defense Weekly is based on information I received from a senior Israel Air Force (IAF) source, who has intimate knowledge of the IAF’s force build-up program.

The source discussed a plan the IAF is following, designed to give it a number of capabilities by 2020. It includes the ability to  direct “waves of massive, heavy fire” at any potential enemy and reach a strike rate that “surpasses anything seen in Israeli military history – and even world military history – relative to the number of aircraft.”

Excerpt in bold:

“We believe that developing this tool, of striking many targets, can influence the next war. It is a tool that [we put] in the hands of decision makers,” he said.

Developing and maintaining a large database of targets is an important part of this effort. 

This effort is being overseen by the IAF’s Planning and Organization Department. Another goal the Department is working on:

  • Linking up the IAF’s command network with those of ground units, so that aircraft and ground forces can look at the same battle pictures. This considerably shortens the time it takes to hit enemy targets.

The level and scope of this kind of firepower is, indeed, unprecedented.

It is big part of Israel’s answer to Hezbollah’s arsenal of 150,000 projectiles, all of which are pointed at Israeli targets.

The arms race with Hezbollah has reached new heights.  Still, it is reasonable to hope that this level of firepower will be enough to deter against miscalculations, and help prevent dangerous adventurism – thereby maintaining the quiet.

Link: IAF preparing for unprecedented air campaign


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  1. Heavy sigh. In the next war with Hezb’allah /Iran, I hope Israel follows through with this plan. I also hope America stops supplying weapons to the ” LAF” that is allied with Hezb’allah .

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